Green Laundry Sweeping China

A smooth growth of economy in China encourages a rapid development of Chinese hotel industry. Statistics show that star hotels in China totals to 20 thousands while 676 among of them are 5* hotels, with about 500 more 5* hotels under construction. In the past three years, Chinese star hotels grow by an annual rate of 6% with a 15% rate of 5* hotel. Some institutes predicted that international chain hotels will grow by 52% in the 30 largest cities in China by the end of 2013.
Nevertheless, the welcome news carries with it the fact of large consumption and pollution. Therefore, better service with low pollution and consumption becomes the new trend for star hotels. Among all their measurements, Green Laundry is of great influence.
The first edition of China Hotel Energy-saving and Environmental Protecting Laundry Summit was held in the international tourism island, Hainan, in March. Under the theme of “Energy Saving, Environment Protecting, Communication, Cooperation” the summit gathered together top laundry professionals of opinions on the existing circumstances and trend of public textile cleaning at home and abroad, the application of new laundry energy saving technologies and equipments in enterprises, experiences of top laundry brand in China and hotel laundry development. The summit also introduced the trend of hotel laundry at home and abroad, which leads to the low carbon economy.
Green laundry is the course of hotel laundry industry as well as the hot topic in laundry industry worldwide. It will also be the trend of China hotel laundry.
Responding to the trend of industry, China Laundry Expo will also focus on “Green Laundry”, showcasing the latest energy-saving and environment-protecting theory and achievements. With its more than 500 booths covering an area of 10,000m2, the show aims at a better communication among professionals about latest industry technologies. The accompanying activities, including the industry development summit, technical seminars and new products release, etc. are also platforms to gather green laundry ideas in Shanghai, the economic center of China.

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