CINET Profile

  • CINET, the International Committee of Textile Care, is an international umbrella organization pooling national textile care associations. These national associations represent professionals in the textile care industry. Said national associations are Effective Members with full voting rights.


  • CINET has Associate Members as well: institutions and organisations reinforcing the organization with their professional expertise. These Associate Members are mainly research institutes and technical centers from Europe, America and Australia. Their voting rights are both formal and advisory.


  • CINET has recently opened to Individual Members, e.g. international laundry/drycleaning chains/businesses. Their voting rights too, are both formal and advisory.


CINET's Mission Statement

To be a well-structured, strong and reputed international umbrella organisation for the global professional textile care cleaning, laundry and textile service industry, with respect to both consumer and business-to-business applications.

CINET´s Objectives

  • Representation of the professional textile care industry;
  • To organize a network of business experts to improve information exchange;
  • To stimulate innovation and sustainable processing;
  • To promote the interests of professionals, specifically with regard to environmental, technical, marketing, welfare, tax, laws and regulatory issues;
  • To design and execute projects and activities to promote the industry.

CINET's Members

  • Effective members: national professional textile care associations;
  • Associate members: suppliers, research institutes or technical centres;
  • Individual members: international professional textile care companies and franchise companies;
  • Sponsors: stakeholders supporting CINET projects and activities


CINET Liaison Officers

CINET Liaison Officers are esteemed and well-known PTC industry experts in their own region or country, who have committed themselves to advance the Professional Textile Care industry to the best of their abilities.

They are the appointed contact persons for the CINET secretariat for specific regions or countries. 

They closely follow the Textile Care industry for their particular region or country and provide information and news, relevant and interesting for the industry worldwide.


CINET Work groups

  • Marketing
  • Environment and Best Practices
  • Technology
  • Care Labelling


CINET's General Assembly/Conferences/Workshops

CINET organizes at least one General Assembly a year, combined with an international drycleaning conference and/or other trade events. CINET supports Messe Frankfurt (Texcare exhibition), John Riddle Ass. (Clean Shows), Expodetergo, the Chinese Laundry Expo and other country events organized by national associations.


CINET Publicity

As a member of CINET, you have access to all CINET publicity for the media and members. Information is shared globally and nationally using the following media channels:

  • Weekly E-newsletters
  • CINET Magazines: marketing, environment and technology;
  • Documentation: legislation, research, innovation, technologies, best practices, etc.;
  • Regular press releases;
  • Introduction: publication  "The World of PTC".


CINET Website

  • News
  • Documentation
  • Activities
  • Marketing
  • The World of PTC Database
  • Market figures
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Care labelling


The content of this site is regularly updated and also includes CINET presentations worldwide.


CINET Organization